Speech about Vitamin C

Good morning all….

First of all I would like to say thanks  to the God because of his blessing I can stay here to deliver my speech.The honorable Mom  Ir ma, ” good  morning  mom”.

Ok all..,the topic  of my speech today is about Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is one of the vitamins needed by the body and is necessary to boost the immune system. If  this vitamin needs enough then all kinds of diseases can be prevented.

You need vitamin C for growth and repair of tissues in all parts of your body. This vitamin helps the body make collagen, an important protein used to make skin, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, and blood vessels. Vitamin C also functions for wound healing, and to repair and maintain bones and teeth.

This vitamin is easily soluble in water so that when the vitamin is consumed in large quantities, the vitamin is discarded in the urine. Because it is not stored in the body, vitamin C should be consumed every day.

If we are deprived of vitamin C we can cause bleeding gums, canker sores, muscle pain or neurological disorders. Further deficiency causes anemia, frequent infections and rough skin. While the excess vitamin C can cause diarrhea.

Foods that contain vitamin C typically are fruits and vegetables. Fruits that contain vitamin C are not always yellow, for example in fruit guava high vitamin C content. Many fruits that contain Vitamin C and we can get them easily. I hope we want to consume fruits for our health.

Ok all,that’s all for my speech.Thanks for your attention.

Good morning…



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